All Yesterdays has a page spread set aside for Tenontosaurus, a horse-sized North American relative of Iguanodon that lived in the early Cretaceous era. It mentions that because its remains were found in association with the raptor Deinonychus, it’s most often depicted being attacked by a pack of them. It goes on to say that it’s become such a cliche that it “is almost impossible to find a reconstruction of Tenontosaurus where it isn’t being torn apart by a pack of Deinonychus.”

I thought “surely that must be an exaggeration” but no. This is only as many as I could fit in a tumblr photoset. There are dozens more just on the first page of Google image search. Poor thing.

(The last image is the page spread in All Yesterdays, in which co-author John Conway provides a Tenontosaurus withsome well-earned peace and quiet for a change.)